Run Yeti

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Run Yeti is an endless runner mobile game.

You are a lost yeti in an icy world that rotates around you.
Jump between ice platforms and try to avoid falling for as long as you can.
Earn points for every seconds you do not fall.
The Yeti can also double-jump to make impressive jumps.

• Universal game: Compatible with both apple and android operating systems.
• Compelling graphics.
• World goes faster and faster as time passes.
• Night falls down to make things more complicated.
• Unlock badges and achievements.
• Challenge your friends to see who can run the longest.
• Share your progress on twitter.
• Become the next King Yeti !

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Teddy Engel – Game Developer & Game Designer
Karim Abdelwahab – Graphic Designer
• Guillaume Personnettaz – QA / Testing

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