Upcoming: This Mountain Goes Down

This Mountain Goes Down

Hello everyone !

We are proud to announce that we are working on our third game:
This Mountain goes down !

Here is the story:

You are a miner with a beautiful house in the middle of a green eery field, in front of a huge natural mountain where you go to work every day.
You get your lunch sandwich from the town on the exact opposite side of the mountain.

One day the unfathomable happens:
By the time you reach town, all the sandwiches were gone.
All that because you had a long walk around the mountain.
If only the mountain wasn’t there.
If only you could go straight to town.
If only you could make this mountain disappear.

Actually you can, and you will.
It starts today: This mountain goes DOWN.

• An unique miner: Get more experienced as you mine, use your experience to improve your mining skills the way you want it. Become a truly unique miner and set yourself apart
• A mysterious mountain: An almost unlimited mountain to mine. Who knows what you will find while mining ?
• Ranks & Leaderboards: Get promoted to higher mining ranks, unlock new areas of the mountain to mine in,  challenge your friends
• Casual & Hardcore: Mine 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 hours. All approaches yield different rewards and challenges
• “Offline” Mode: Your miner keeps mining when the game is turned off: Don’t worry about getting a real life sandwich
• Achievements: Unique mining achievements to unlock
• Pixel art style and animations
• Mysterious / Meditative music
• Universal: Plays on all devices

Think Minecraft where you can actually play for 5 minutes.
Think Idle Mine.
Think Cookie Clicker.

You’v got it !

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